Black Magic: The Pendle Hill Witches!

Pendle hill is steeped in history dating back centuries. Pendle hill attracts many visitors for many reasons but perhaps the most popular attraction is that of the so called Pendle hill witches. The story of the Pendle hill witches starts in the year 1612. When a family of peasants lived in a limestone tower, it is said that this family was no ordinary family and that they dabbled in black magic and worshipped the devil! It was reported that the alleged witches made clay effigies out of teeth and human hair at the time people were dying of mysterious illnesses and people were said to have died in great pain, even though the people up to that point were all in good health! It was also reported that all the milk turned sour and that all the cattle mysteriously died!

It got so bad that people were afraid to go up the hill and eventually a local magistrate, Roger Norwell, arrested two of the people livi