British Big Cats

Big Cats: The British Big Cats!

Panthers, Leopards and other big cats are not indigenous to the UK! However, these big cats are often spotted in the UK! There are many photos and videos of these creatures roaming the countryside and countless eyewitness accounts.

One of the most famous cases of British big cats is the beast of Bodmin! A black panther like creature sighted in and around the Bodmin Moor these sightings date back decades and at one point the British army was sent in to locate and kill the beast! Although this is a very well-known case, big cats are often spotted all around the UK. Along with the photo, video and eyewitness accounts, these creatures have in fact on many occasions been shot and killed usually because of them killing and eating livestock in remote countryside or farmland.

So, there is little doubt that these creatures are in the UK! But where have they all come from? Well, in the 1970’s the UK government brought in a law that made it illegal to keep exotic or dangerous animals, resulting in many people letting their exotic animals loose into the wild. The theory is these creatures are the pets that where released into the wild after the law was brought in during the 1970’s.

Although these animals where pets once they are no more and can be very dangerous! There have been occasions where people have been attacked by one of these animals, after all they are just animals and they will do what is necessary to survive. Have you ever seen one of these big cats roaming the UK’s countryside? If so where was your sighting? We would love to know.

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