Can Ouija Boards Cause Demonic Possession?

We have all heard of Ouija boards, but can they cause harm? Or are they just a harmless toy? Well, in a school in Peru a few kids decided to use a Ouija board. This would turn out to be a big mistake and perhaps reinforces the believe that you shouldn’t mess around with Ouija boards

Up to a hundred more kids all began to show signs of being possessed. The kids all claimed to have seen the same thing a man in black trying to kill them. These visions of this man in black seemed to be contagious at one point, Passing from student to student. All the students that did suffer from this strange phenomenon also suffered with the same physical symptoms. Such as, convulsions, foaming at the mouth and screaming in pain, Could this be a real case of a demonic possession brought on by the Ouija board session as some have suggested or nothing more than a case of mass hysteria brought on by one or two of the kids “believing” they were possessed. Hysteria can be a very powerful thing, so it could be possible but after seeing the photos and clips of this event it does seem a little hard to believe that it was down to mass hysteria.

So, perhaps it was a real case of a demonic possession? It is also worth nothing that the school where all this took place was built on a Mafia burial site and dozens of graves were disturbed in the building of the school. So, maybe the construction of this school unearthed some demonic presence! And when the kids used the Ouija board it acted as a doorway for all and any evil entities to come through.

What Are Your Thoughts? Are Ouija boards just a toy or a paranormal instrument?

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