From Darkness | Short Horror Film

We recently released our short horror film " from darkness" and I wanted to share some things about it! I'm going to do a video on this too!

But, I'll start here. First things first, this was our first short horror film and although we have done a lot of documentary type filming in the past, shooting the horror film was completely different! We learned a lot from this shoot.

The first thing we learned was it, difficult to work with children on set Who'd of known eh..

The original "script" had lines in it for "Lillie" to say however, when it came to the post production of the footage, we have to remove the lines, as no matter what we did it just didn't sound right. So, we decide to go with sounds instead.

We took sound effects, music, and other effects and made it our task to make a "found Footage" Type video instead.