The Dogman: A Real American Werewolf?

The Dogman: A Real American Werewolf

The Dogman is a mythical creature that is said to roam Michigan. Reports and sightings of this creature date back to 1887 when the very first encounter of this creature took place in Wexford county.

The Dogman is thought to have stalked the area of the Manistee river, dating back to the days of the Odawa tribe. The Dogman is described as being between 5 & 8-foot-tall with a human body and a dog-like head and features. It is said that one of the first things you will notice about the creature is its piercing blue or sometimes amber colour eyes and its human-like scream! There have been countless sightings of the Michigan Dogman over the years and all of which often describe the same thing. A very big bi-pedal creature or in some cases creatures, that have broad shoulders and growls at the people that see it just before it turns and runs.

Some people have said that the Michigan Dogman could possibly be a Bigfoot and not a Dogman at all, as it is thought by people who believe in Bigfoot that the creature is more likely to be a Sasquatch and not a half man half dog creature, as the Dogman and Sasquatch do have some similarities. So, could that be the case? could this cryptid creature (The Dogman) really be a case of mistaken identity for the illusive Sasquatch? Well, perhaps not as there is alleged evidence of the so-called Dogman in the form of photos and some, albeit, grainy video footage.

The interesting thing about this creature is its resemblance to a werewolf and werewolf sightings are in fact spotted all around the world and have been for centuries! Although werewolves are believed to be little more than an old scary story that were born in Europe in a time when mankind’s belief in demons, witches and other dark sinister creatures where common place and a part of everyday life.

Perhaps the idea of the Dogman comes from Europe? And when the Europeans settled in America perhaps those stories of werewolves went with them? Giving us the modern-day Dogman.

What are your thoughts?

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