The Grey Man: Scotland's Bigfoot

The grey man is described as a huge ape like man that is said to hunt anyone the cross the Ben Macdui the second highest peak in Scotland! There are many eyewitness accounts of the grey man but only a few can describe him. He is said to be roughly 8-10 feet tall, with pale skin and covered in short grey hair. Which is where the name grey man comes from!

The grey man is said to haunt and stalk its victims and is said to be extremely dangerous. Experts and cryptozoologist suggest that its more related to the Yeti then the north American Sasquatch as it life in the mountains and not the woods or forests. Its presence is often described as a physical presence rather than a physical form! The very first recorded sighting of the grey man was by J. Norman Collie in 1891 an experienced climber who’s claims he had a run in with beast as he climbed the Ben Macdui. Collie didn’t come forward with his encounter with the creature until 35 years later… When he said that he noticed that when he was hiking up the Ben Macdui he noticed another sound other than his own footsteps! And that whatever was following him was big as it seemed to be taking steps three or four lengths of his own.

Collie became so afraid that he ran five miles without stopping just to put some distance between him and whatever was following him! Other experienced climbers have described the same thing, a sense of being followed by something big… All of these very experienced climbers say that they were overcome by such fear and terror the likes of which they have never experienced before! Other encounters have claimed of seeing a mist that appears with the creature and the eyewitness accounts have also said that the creature is very big and powerful. So, whatever the creature is, is still unknown! Perhaps the creature is nothing more than a figment of people’s imagination which causes the sensation of being followed and the overwhelming sense of fear, but, a lot of the eyewitnesses are experienced hikers and climbers! Or hardened outdoors man! So, the chance of these people becoming so overwhelmed with fear is extremely unlikely. Plus, everyone also claims to see the exact same thing!

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