The Hollow Earth Theory

Hollow Earth: Could The Earth Really Be Hollow?

Could the Earth really be hollow? Well, some people believe that it is and that it can be entered by gaping holes that can be found at both the north and south poles. Scientifically, little is known about the inside of the Earth and what is known is an assumption but the inside of the Earth is believed to be made up of four layers.

Starting from the deepest layer, which is believed to be molten metal, next is a layer of cooler liquid iron which is also known as the Earth’s magnetic field, followed by the mantle and then finally the Earth’s crust. The hollow Earth theory was first thought up by John Cleaves Symmes Jr in 1818. Symmes was so convinced the Earth was hollow that he organised an expedition to the north pole to locate the hole and travel to the inner Earth!

However, the expedition was blocked by the then US president. Symmes, believed that rather than the Earth being solid it was in fact hollow! And it was made up of five smaller concentric shells which he believed were all thousands of miles thick!

He also suggested that these inner shells could contain animals, plants and water in the form of rivers, lakes and even oceans just as there is on the outside!

He also thought that the curvature of the openings at both poles was so gradual that a person could enter the Earth and not even realise it. He even went on to proposed that the inner Earth could contain another race like us! And that we are just unaware of each other.

an ever-increasing number of people are beginning to believe that the hollow Earth theory may be true! So, what are your thoughts? Do you think Symmes was right? Could the Earth be hollow! Or it is solid as is commonly believed!

What are your thoughts?

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