The Hum

The Hum: Low-Frequency Invasive Humming.

The Hum or the Bristol Hum as it is sometimes called is a low-frequency humming that is only ever heard indoors and doesn’t seem to have every been recorded as been heard outside. The Hum is a phenomenon that has been reported in both the UK and the US…

People that hear the hum say that it never goes away, and it seems to get louder for the sufferer at night! This constant humming has caused a number of people to go insane and in some cases, has even driven some sufferers to take their own life! I truly couldn’t begin to imagine how terrible this must be I think we have all had a ringing in our ears before, but this must be unbearable. The people that do suffer with this invasive hum all get driven to a point of despair and acco