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From Darkness | Short Horror Film

We recently released our short horror film " from darkness" and I wanted to share some things about it! I'm going to do a video on this too! But, I'll start here. First things first, this was our first short horror film and although we have done a lot of documentary type filming in the past, shooting the horror film was completely different! We learned a lot from this shoot. The first thing we learned was it, difficult to work with children on set Who'd of known eh.. The original "script" had lines in it for "Lillie" to say however, when it came to the post production of the footage, we have to remove the lines, as no matter what we did it just didn't sound right. So, we decide to go with sounds instead. We took sound effects, music, and other effects and made it our task to make a "found Footage" Type video instead. Lillie did such a good job on the shoot, It was a shame about the lines that we had to take out because she did a good job with them but the film seemed to evolve as we went along and the lines no longer worked. Check out the film here: So to recap on our experience for our first short film! It was certainly a learn curve for us and a change from the type of filming we are used too but it was so much fun to do! And we are already starting on out next short film for 2021! Not to forget our BIG feature film for 2022! I would like to tank everyone who has been supportive so far and the people who enjoyed "From Darkness" and of course Lillie-Rose for her brilliant acting and what she brought to the short film! #Shorthorrorfilm #fromdarkness #horrorfilmsonlinesfreetowatch

New series of our Haunted Mysteries podcast.

Some very exciting news! Our new series of our Haunted Mysteries podcast starts next week! It will be LIVE on our Haunted Mysteries Facebook page and Essential Radio! Every Wednesday at 8pm UK time Check out our Haunted Mysteries Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HMOurmediaonline/ Essential Radio: https://live365.com/station/Essential-Radio-a05647

Criminally Charged - The Boy in The Box

The first episode of our web series Criminally Charged, Join today and gain access to this episode and all of the other perks! From just £3 a month, less than the price of a coffee a month! You can Watch and keep this episode!

Cindy James

the strange case of Cindy James, what really happened to here!

Albert Fish

This man was truly evil and his crimes are very disturbing

Horrors of the Sea! The Ivan Vasilli

One of the most terrifying and shocking true ghost stories in history took place on the Russian freighter, Ivan Vassili. The Ivan Vassili was not a typical cursed or jinxed ship. There was nothing unusual or spectacular about her. She was built in St. Petersburg in 1897 to transport freight across the Baltic Sea to the Gulf of Finland and was driven by a single triple-expansion steam engine. Her bunkers carried enough coal to take her 2500 miles at a speed of eight knots. She was made of riveted iron plates, while her deck and superstructure were wood. She had a record of reliability and stability to the point of being boring. No mishaps took place on her during the first five years that she plied the sea. Then everything changed overnight, and she became a sailor’s worst nightmare of calamity and death. In 1903, when the Russian government prepared for war with Japan, the Ivan Vassili ‘s role changed overnight. She was ordered to carry a cargo of war materials to Vladivostok in advance of the Russian warships. The steamer cut through the North Sea, the Atlantic, and south along the west coast of Africa, coaling in Cape town. Then she moved north along the east coast of Africa and Zanzibar, topping off her bunkers and taking on extra sacks of coal for the upcoming leg across the Indian Ocean. Soon the nightmare began when the crew realized that, somewhere along the route, they had taken on more than coal. Everything was business as usual as the ship left the port and took to sea, but the crew suddenly felt that a presence was on board. Something just did not feel right. No one knew exactly what the presence was, but everyone was certain that an invisible entity was among them. When it was near, the men felt that something was watching them, and they would feel a sudden chill in the air. This type of haunting went on for a few days before the danger of the situation heightened, and the entity began extracting an alarming toll on the crew. One night before the change of watch, the men on deck saw the apparition. It looked human, but its features were impossible to make out. It was misty, glowing, and luminous as it strolled across the deck, and then disappeared behind a lifeboat. The men were understandably shocked. Still, nothing remarkable happened until the ship reached the Port Arthur military base in China where the crew intended to refuel the ship. On the night before the ship entered port, a crew member suddenly let loose with a horrifying scream that sent everyone into a panic. The crew literally went berserk, and a wild melee ensued, the men having no idea what they were doing as they beat each other and themselves. This episode ended with seaman Alec Govinski hurling himself into the murky black waves to his death. Afterward, the other men collapsed to the deck, and everything returned to normal. The ship resumed its journey to Vladivostok, and the crew was relieved when nothing unusual happened during the first and second day at sea. But then all hell broke loose again. On the third day, the crew went on a screaming, fighting, hysteric rampage. A few minutes later, they collapsed on the deck like before only to learn that another shipmate had thrown himself overboard to his death. When the ship finally reached Vladivostok, twelve crew members abandoned ship. They were so afraid of whatever was aboard the vessel, that they could not get away from it fast enough. Some had even attempted to escape before the cargo hatches were opened. Unfortunately for them, they were quickly rounded up like cattle and returned to the vessel where they were kept under armed surveillance. The anxiety on the ship must have been high as the cargo was unloaded; nevertheless, the Ivan Vassili was put to sea again on a voyage south to Hong Kong. In no time, this leg of the trip erupted into yet another nightmare. Another hysterical frenzy occurred, and another crew member killed himself. The next night, a repeat performance occurred, resulting in another crew member’s death. During the third episode, a stoker reportedly died of fear. Then, just as the ship reached the port of Hong Kong, Captain Sven Andrist flung himself overboard and drowned this time nothing could stop the crew members from deserting when the ship docked. The entire crew, except Second Officer Christ Hansen and five Scandinavian seamen, fled. Either dedicated to duty or unfazed by the tragedies, Hansen, took over as Captain and hired a new crew for the ship, and the steamer set out again, this time toward Sydney Australia to pick up a cargo of wool. To Hansen’s relief, the voyage south was uneventful–that was until just before they reached Sydney. Then Hansen suddenly had an urge to kill himself, took out his revolver, and shot himself to death. In Sydney, even before the dock lines were secure, the crew started abandoning the ship–all except boatswain Harry Nelson. Nelson set about finding another captain, one who did not believe in ghosts or superstitions. He found his man, but it took four months to find another crew. By then, word had gotten around and no sailor in his right mind wanted to sail on the death ship. The steamer was put to sea again, its destination, San Francisco. The trip went smoothly until a week later when the crew was set into a screaming melee again. This time, two seamen went totally mad and had to be confined below decks. In the morning, they were both found dead. The next day, the new and sceptical captain, put a revolver in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Following the latest round of tragedy, the crew, including Nelson, refused to continue with the voyage, and they turned the vessel around with the intent to return to Vladivostok. When the Ivan Vasilli arrived in the Russian City, the entire crew, including Nelson walked off the ship. The men were offered rewards, incentives, and all kinds of bonuses for returning to the ship, but nothing would convince them to get back on the vessel. Not one of them wanted any part of the ship. No other sailor did either. Watchmen were unwilling to even get close to her–much less spend a night aboard her. And so, the diabolical vessel sat in port, abandoned, for many years. Ultimately, the sailors of Vladivostok decided that fire was the only way to destroy the evil entity that haunted the ship, and so in the winter of 1907, on a clear and starry night, they sat the vessel aflame. In dozens of small boats, they watched, cheering, as flames devoured the ship. Some even sang as the fiery bridge engulfed the ship. They cheered its demise, toasting the occasion with vodka as the iron skin buckled. Cast off from her moorings, she was dragged out to sea by a tugboat. She still smouldered the next day and began rolling to starboard until she flipped over on her side and started to slide beneath the water. Those who watched swore that before the ship went under, an eerie scream emanated from the hulk. No one ever knew what or who the evil entity was, but the incident certainly reeks of the demonic. -The End- #ghostship #horrorworx #hauntedmysteries #ourmediaonline #robbray

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NEW short story Release! - A Horror At Night!

You may already know we have released a BRAND NEW short story! Which is called Horror at Night. A bit about the story: Horror at night. In the dead of night Lisa woods life is changed forever. Pregnant & with her husband unable to save her, she has to try and survive the night after a unknown assailant seeks destroy everything she holds dear. Her life will never be the same again A fast paced short Horror story. Will Lisa survive the night? This is the first in a series of short horror stories we are releasing under the HorrorWorx Name. Here is the link to a Horror at Night: Amazon USA: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08T7PGKFZ Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08T7PGKFZ

The Hollow Earth Theory

Hollow Earth: Could The Earth Really Be Hollow? Could the Earth really be hollow? Well, some people believe that it is and that it can be entered by gaping holes that can be found at both the north and south poles. Scientifically, little is known about the inside of the Earth and what is known is an assumption but the inside of the Earth is believed to be made up of four layers. Starting from the deepest layer, which is believed to be molten metal, next is a layer of cooler liquid iron which is also known as the Earth’s magnetic field, followed by the mantle and then finally the Earth’s crust. The hollow Earth theory was first thought up by John Cleaves Symmes Jr in 1818. Symmes was so convinced the Earth was hollow that he organised an expedition to the north pole to locate the hole and travel to the inner Earth! However, the expedition was blocked by the then US president. Symmes, believed that rather than the Earth being solid it was in fact hollow! And it was made up of five smaller concentric shells which he believed were all thousands of miles thick! He also suggested that these inner shells could contain animals, plants and water in the form of rivers, lakes and even oceans just as there is on the outside! He also thought that the curvature of the openings at both poles was so gradual that a person could enter the Earth and not even realise it. He even went on to proposed that the inner Earth could contain another race like us! And that we are just unaware of each other. an ever-increasing number of people are beginning to believe that the hollow Earth theory may be true! So, what are your thoughts? Do you think Symmes was right? Could the Earth be hollow! Or it is solid as is commonly believed! What are your thoughts?

Photos of the Paranormal

Paranormal Activity: Supposed Ghosts Caught in A Photo! There are a lot of supposedly haunted locations in the world and countless reports of people having encounters with the paranormal, which sceptics say is nothing more than a case of mistaken identity! But, what if the paranormal activity is captured on a video or in a photo? Well, then it becomes a lot harder to debunk! Here are just three, of the countless photos that allegedly show ghosts in them! Whether you believe in the paranormal or not these are very interesting and do get you asking questions! The first one is the Phantom pilot: The photo of the phantom helicopter pilot was taken in 1987 when a Mrs. Sayer was visiting the Fleet Air Arm Station in Somerset, England. In the photo you can clearly see what looks to be a second person in the helicopter that is sat next to Mrs. Sayer. Mrs. Sayer said that no one was sat next to her at the time and she has no explanations for figure. The helicopter itself was used during the Falklands war and it has been suggested that the apparition could be a former pilot! The second photo is that of the car crash ghost: This image was captured by a lorry driver in the USA and shows the scene of a car crash. In the photo you can see what looks like a spirit leaving a person’s body and it looks as though its floating upwards! As it turns out some did lose their life in the crash, so perhaps that is what we are seeing? Our final photo is one that was sent into us here at Mysteries of the unknown by John Jeffries, who along with his team from ESN Paranormal captured this image: The team from ESN Paranormal were investigating the Maiden castle and in the photo, you can clearly see a humanoid figure that appears to be in some kind of gown and a face can also be clearly seen in the image! Although, the top part of the figure can be seen there doesn’t seem to be a bottom half to the figure which makes it even more interesting. What are your thoughts on these photos?

The Eilean Mor Lighthouse

The Dogman: A Real American Werewolf?

The Dogman: A Real American Werewolf The Dogman is a mythical creature that is said to roam Michigan. Reports and sightings of this creature date back to 1887 when the very first encounter of this creature took place in Wexford county. The Dogman is thought to have stalked the area of the Manistee river, dating back to the days of the Odawa tribe. The Dogman is described as being between 5 & 8-foot-tall with a human body and a dog-like head and features. It is said that one of the first things you will notice about the creature is its piercing blue or sometimes amber colour eyes and its human-like scream! There have been countless sightings of the Michigan Dogman over the years and all of which often describe the same thing. A very big bi-pedal creature or in some cases creatures, that have broad shoulders and growls at the people that see it just before it turns and runs. Some people have said that the Michigan Dogman could possibly be a Bigfoot and not a Dogman at all, as it is thought by people who believe in Bigfoot that the creature is more likely to be a Sasquatch and not a half man half dog creature, as the Dogman and Sasquatch do have some similarities. So, could that be the case? could this cryptid creature (The Dogman) really be a case of mistaken identity for the illusive Sasquatch? Well, perhaps not as there is alleged evidence of the so-called Dogman in the form of photos and some, albeit, grainy video footage. The interesting thing about this creature is its resemblance to a werewolf and werewolf sightings are in fact spotted all around the world and have been for centuries! Although werewolves are believed to be little more than an old scary story that were born in Europe in a time when mankind’s belief in demons, witches and other dark sinister creatures where common place and a part of everyday life. Perhaps the idea of the Dogman comes from Europe? And when the Europeans settled in America perhaps those stories of werewolves went with them? Giving us the modern-day Dogman. What are your thoughts?

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